Accepted Papers


Research Track 1: Ontologies

Bo Fu.
Cross-lingual Ontology Mapping An Investigation of the Impact of Machine Translation

Ruben Sipos, Dunja Mladenic, Marko Grobelnik and Janez Brank.
Modeling common real-word relations using triples extracted from n-grams

Lina Lubyte and Sergio Tessaris.
Supporting the Development of Data Wrapping Ontologies

Research Track 2: Semantic Web Application

Vanessa Lopez, Andriy Nikolov, Miriam Fernandez, Marta Sabou, Victoria Uren and Enrico Motta.
Merging and Ranking answers in the Semantic Web: The Wisdom of Crowds

Ryan Shaw, Raphael Troncy and Lynda Hardman.
LODE: Linking Open Descriptions of Events

Jie Bao, Li Ding, Rui Huang, Paul Smart, Dave Braines and Gareth Jones. A Semantic Wiki based Light-Weight Web Application Model

Research Track 3: Semantic Web Services

Bo Hu.
Utilising Task-Patterns in Organisational Process Knowledge Sharing

Michael Gruninger and Xing Tan.
Reasoning about Partially Ordered Web Service

Stefan Dietze, Neil Benn and John Domingue.
Two-Fold Semantic Web Service Matchmaking - Combining Ontology Mapping and Service Discovery

guisheng fan, huiqun yu and liqiong chen. An Approach to Analyzing Dynamic Trustworthy Service Composition

Research Track 4: Semantic Technology

Sofia Angeletou, Marta Sabou and Enrico Motta.
Improving Folksonomies using Formal Knowledge: A Case Study on Search

Paolo Bouquet, Chiara Ghidini and Luciano Serafini.
Querying The Web Of Data: A Formal Approach

Qiu Ji, Guilin Qi and Peter Haase.
A Relevance-directed Algorithm for Finding Justifications of DL Entailments

Research Track 5: Ontologies

Paolo Bouquet, Themis Palpanas, Heiko Stoermer and Massimiliano Vignolo.
A Conceptual Model for a Web-scale Entity Name System

Miriam Fernandez, Chwhynny Overbeeke, Marta Sabou and Enrico Motta.
What makes a good ontology?: A case-study in finegrained knowledge reuse 

Patrick Lambrix, Qiang Liu and He Tan.
Repairing the missing is-a structure of ontologies

Research Track 6: Semantic Web Application

Saravadee Sae Tan and Enya Kong Tang. Annotating Wikipedia Articles with Semantic Tags for Structured Retrieval

Óscar Muñoz-García and Raúl García-Castro.
Guidelines for the Speci fication and Design of Large-Scale Semantic Applications

Stein L. Tomassen and Darijus Strasunskas.
Semantic-Linguistic Feature Vectors for Search: unsupervised construction and experimental validation

Research Track 7: Semantic Web Technology

Xixi Luo and Joshua Shinaver.
Entropy-based metrics for evaluating schema reuse 

Andriy Nikolov, Victoria Uren, Enrico Motta and Anne de Roeck.
Overcoming Schema Heterogeneity between Linked Semantic Repositories to Improve Coreference Resolution

Harold Boley, Taylor Osmun and Benjamin Craig.
Social Semantic Rule Sharing and Querying in Wellness Communities

Research Track 8: Ontologies

Tadej Štajner and Dunja Mladenić. Entity Resolution in Texts Using Statistical Learning and Ontologies

Peng Wang and Baowen Xu. An Effective Similarity Propagation Model for Matching Ontologies Without Sufficient or Regular Linguistic Information

Jingwei Cheng, Z. M. Ma, Fu Zhang and Xing Wang. Deciding Query Entailment for Fuzzy SHIN Ontologies